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We, like you, learned of the government’s plans for dental practices to re-open from Monday 8th June during the briefing. of the Prime Minister on the 28th of May

At the moment, and so that you are fully aware, only dental practices who can evaluate that they have the PPE (personal protective equipment) and IPC (infection prevention and control) requirements in place are allowed to welcome back patients. Fortunately, we at Smiles on Broadway have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for our re-opening, to ensure that it is safe for both patients and staff to return.

In light of the Prime Minister’s briefing, we will be in touch with our valued patients in the coming weeks about any further updates that will occur.

Whilst we prepare for our re-opening, however, we respectfully ask that you do not call the practice to book any routine appointments. Initial appointments will be prioritised for emergencies only

From all of us at Smiles on Broadway, we thank you for your patience through these trying times

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Fungal Nail Infection

Laser Fungal Nail Treatments

Onychomycosis, or tinea unguium, is a nail fungus often occurring as a result of untreated Athletes foot. It is very common amongst sports enthusiasts and affects men and women equally.

Symptoms include thickening of the nail and a white or yellow discoloration. Depending on the severity of the infection the nail bed can separate from the nail. It most commonly affects the toes but the fingers are also susceptible.

We would advise seeking a toenail fungus treatment as soon as possible as it can easily spread to other nails. 

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Clearsteps Onychomycosis Treatment…..The best cure for nail fungus

Fotona Clearsteps is a patient-friendly revolutionary laser nail treatment using long pulse Nd:YAG laser light and, in our opinion, is the best nail fungus cure. 

It works by the laser heating both the nail bed and the nail matrix evenly. This heating process weakens the fungus and destroys it. The matrix is the tissue that the nail rests on. It extends under the nail root and contains blood vessels and nerves.

Why is this the best treatment for fungal nail infection?

Once this deep pulse heating of the nail bed has taken place, the body’s immune system will kick in and start to promote new nail growth. One of the reasons that we have decided to offer this particular form of treatment at Smiles is that the side effects are minimal.

More traditional topical treatments can damage the skin surrounding the area being treated as it is difficult to prevent it coming into contact with the wider area. Oral medications, often used when topical options have failed, can only be obtained with a prescription from a doctor and are known to have damaging ‘hepatoxic’ side effects on the liver in extreme cases. They are a last resort and we would always suggest using Clearsteps Fotona in the first instance.   


Procedure Time

20-60 Minutes


Healthy looking nails


Possible Side Effects


Effects Last

2 Years

Should toenail fungus treatment include all nails?

Whilst the visible effects of Onychomycosis are quite obvious it may be that

another nail has become infected by the fungus but not yet showing signs of damage. Cross infection can occur very easily and any underlying fungal infection can remain dormant for a long period of time before you see evidence that that it has spread to other nails.

Another benefit of the Nd:YAG  laser is that it can be used to effectively treat fungal infection of skin tissue.     

The heating process can be a little uncomfortable but the practitioner delivering your treatment will be guided by your response and explain the process in full detail to you. They are happy to stop at any time and will only proceed once you are happy for them to do so. Remember that a just a few minutes of discomfort will resolve this issue for you and enable you to get back to carefree footwear choices.

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Frequency of laser treatment for nail fungus

Fotona advise a minimum of four treatments each a week apart, however a longer treatment plan may be required depending up on the severity of the infection.

At first sight you may perceive the price of fungal nail laser treatment as too high when compared to over the counter treatments. However, we believe that this is a very cost-effective nail fungus cure method to rid yourself of what could be a life-long problem if not dealt with quickly.  

Top tips to prevent infection recurring

  • Boil socks to a high temperature
  • Use a steriliser to treat shoes
  • Maintain excellent foot hygiene


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Frequently asked questions 

Can Onychomychosis go away on its own?

This condition will not go away by itself and, if left untreated, the fungus will spread to neighbouring nails. People are often unaware that they even have this unpleasant condition as it is not painful so any suspicion that you may be suffering should be acted upon as a matter of urgency.

Can you catch a fungal nail infection from someone else?

Fungi that are already present on your body can cause nail infections. Coming into close contact with a sufferer can put you at risk so avoid sharing items such as emery boards, nail clippers, bath towels or socks and always ensure that they have been sterilised or washed to a high temperature as a precaution if you do use them.

How to treat nail fungus?

The simple answer to this is as quickly as possible! Never delay seeking out a professionally delivered nail fungus treatment as left untreated you could end up with irreversible damage to the nail for the rest of your life.

Does laser fungal nail treatment work?

Laser treatment for nail fungus is very successful but the earlier you present the easier it is to treat the affected nails and ensure the optimal outcome. 

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