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We, like you, learned of the government’s plans for dental practices to re-open from Monday 8th June during the briefing. of the Prime Minister on the 28th of May

At the moment, and so that you are fully aware, only dental practices who can evaluate that they have the PPE (personal protective equipment) and IPC (infection prevention and control) requirements in place are allowed to welcome back patients. Fortunately, we at Smiles on Broadway have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for our re-opening, to ensure that it is safe for both patients and staff to return.

In light of the Prime Minister’s briefing, we will be in touch with our valued patients in the coming weeks about any further updates that will occur.

Whilst we prepare for our re-opening, however, we respectfully ask that you do not call the practice to book any routine appointments. Initial appointments will be prioritised for emergencies only

From all of us at Smiles on Broadway, we thank you for your patience through these trying times

Continue to remain safe and we will see you soon.


Teeth Whitening

Our Teeth Whitening Treatments

Do you want to feel more confident when you smile? Choosing a teeth whitening treatment will help you to achieve this.

Teeth whitening can help to lighten and brighten the natural colour of your teeth without causing any damage to your gums and teeth. However careful you are with your regular hygiene routine, your everyday diet of tea, coffee, wine and some fruits and vegetables will stain your teeth to some degree. This can cause you to lose confidence and feel less inclined to relax and smile in certain instances whether social or professional.

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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and asked about teeth treatments that we offer at Smiles and works by the application of a gel to the teeth. A very safe procedure and well regulated within the industry, the active ingredients used are either Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide. As this breaks down oxygen accesses the enamel on the surface of your tooth and as a result the enamel appears lighter in colour.

There are many over-the-counter products available and generally they are very safe but at the same time they use very low levels of the necessary chemicals so results are slow and minimal. 

At Smiles we recommend the Pola brand for teeth whitening treatments. One of the main advantages of this brand is that patients can opt to have their teeth treatments either in the clinic or do it themselves at home. Once you have had an initial consultation in our clinic we will be able to direct you to the best option for your individual requirements to enable you to achieve a lovely white smile. Impressions will be taken and custom whitening trays, which need to be placed in your mouth, crafted which you can then use to apply the gel in whatever strength you decide to opt for.

Treatment Summary

Pola white is a fast releasing teeth whitening treatment that delivers results quickly. It contains either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide and acts fast to remove discolouration and staining caused by food and drink. The formulation dissolves quickly releasing the active ingredient which then triggers the whitening process. Many similar products require a UV light to trigger this process but with Pola white it is not necessary. Another benefit of this brand is their Pola white desensitising technology or PDT. This is applied in clinic for treatments containing the higher levels of active ingredient as it helps to reduce sensitivity and gum irritation.  For home use treatments it is not necessary as the active ingredients are in much smaller doses, although the product still contains minerals and natural soothers and has a neutral pH level.

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Pre-Treatment Consultation

At Smiles, we feel it important to offer a no-obligation consultation to anyone who is considering treatment. This will enable us to fully explain the products we use and what is involved in the delivery of the treatment.  It will also enable us to ask you a few health-based questions which may highlight possible contraindications to having such treatments. In this case, we will be able to advise you of alternative options. Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us and we always endeavour to ensure the safest and optimal outcome for you. 


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Frequently asked questions 

How long will teeth whitening last?

Whitening performed in our clinic will last between three to twelve months depending on the quality of your teeth and your diet.

Is treatment safe?

Yes it is. Clinical studies have shown that when used as directed by a dental professional, Carbamide and Hydrogen Peroxide are safe for both teeth and gums.

If you are considering this treatment it is vital that you book a consultation to discuss your options.

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